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Amy & Demy (testimonial)

CLASS MEMBERS - Read the story of Alongsider Amy and her "younger sister"!

Amy was looking for Christians of her age with whom she could talk about her faith. She didn't find any in her area, but through the BEAM church services she ended up at an online (?) evening of Youth Alpha. She liked it so much that she decided to take the course, which gave her exactly what she was looking for.

When the end of the Youth Alpha course was in sight, Amy heard about Alongsiders for the first time. If she wanted to grow in sharing her faith with others, there was the option of joining Alongsiders. Amy became interested, signed up and started looking for a younger sister.

There was no one in her neighbourhood that she could think of. But when she mentioned Alongsiders to her classmate Demy at school, she noticed that he thought it was quite interesting. She suddenly had an idea and asked Demy: 'Would you like to be my younger sister?

Since then Amy and Demy meet every Monday morning to do something together. Because Demy is not Christian, Amy decided to do one of the Alongsiders Challenges with her. They now do the Challenge "Secret Bless", in which they secretly make others in the class happy by writing sweet words on a note and many other things. In this way Amy can show Demy that the Christian faith is not about following a man with strict rules. 

Recently Demy asked why it is so important for Christians to bless other people, to make them happy. Amy had not thought about that before, because to her it is so normal. You just know things and it is just like that, but now I am really going to think about it! Together with Demy she also learns new (or old) things about her faith. What is more beautiful than learning in this way?

(The photo that has been used is not of Amy and Demy).


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