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Alongsiders Europe mobilizes and inspires every Christian. We awaken people to the great mission of the Lord Jesus for every believer to be His disciple and to make disciples (Matthew 28). We do this through training, speaking in churches and workshops.


Alongsiders Europe equips Christian youth for discipleship. We believe that we must follow both the teachings of the Lord Jesus and His method. That means discipleship must be relational. We equip the Alongsiders by means of training and challenges, so they can walk next to one vulnerable child in their own environment. We choose this 1-to-1 approach because every young person can participate in this way.


Every person has the need to belong to someone / something. Just as a family comes together to celebrate, share, eat and hang out, the Alongsiders family also meets regularly. We do this during events where we receive, give training, and go through challenges together that help us grow and get to know each other better.


An Alongsider is someone who walks alongside his or her younger 'brother' or 'sister' as their buddy. We are not looking for 'super-Christians'! They do not exist. Do you long to follow Jesus every day and reach out to someone else, just in your everyday life? Then join us now.


The Alongsiders app means Alongsiders in your pocket. The app is for you: monthly trainings, the challenges, your group of 5. You'll find it all there. Nice and interactive. If you have any questions or comments, just ask them in the app. A cool selfie of you and your younger brother or sister? Also fun to post! The app is there for every Alongsider!


At Alongsiders we work with challenges. These challenges are based on the assignments that Jesus gave His disciples (directly or through His apostles). And together you and your younger brother or sister will work on these challenges. You can find them in the Alongsiders app.

Are you curious what such a challenge looks like but you are not yet an Alongsider? Then check out the microCHALLENGES.

Who do you challenge?

Michael Frost

(author, lecturer, speaker) I have been aware of Alongsiders for many years, having first encountered their work in Phnom Penh. It’s an amazing movement that calls on us to become big sisters and brothers to vulnerable children who would otherwise walk alone through very challenging circumstances. I’m delighted to hear that Alongsiders has now launched in Europe, where it’s desperately needed.


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