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The D-Trail is made for your church/faith community


What comes after Alpha? What can you do with your teens and young adults? How can you help them grow in their faith? How can you learn to follow Jesus better together? How do you get them to pass on what they receive to someone else?
Are these questions you ask yourself as a youth worker? So are we! And we want to help you.
Especially for you we have developed the D-Trail. A great program that you can do after the Alpha Course, for example. Your youth have come to know Jesus - and now, as disciples, we challenge them to follow Jesus. That's discipleship. That's the D-Trail.

What is the D-Trail?

The D-Trail is a journey where you and your youth share Food - Fun - Faith & Friendship together.

Taking on challenges together, through which together you become more like Jesus. Getting to know each other better. Growing together. Celebrating life & sharing life.

Why should you?

You want your young people to grow and in that you want to walk with them. Grow together in faith, have fun, be there when things are difficult, get to know each other better. Grow in following Jesus and grow to pass on what you learn to others. Learning to walk alongside someone else and be a blessing to those around you. Growth does not happen by itself. The D-Trail helps with that.

Who will you do this with?

You will do this together with young people from your church/faith community. Together you will form a D-Trail community. Maybe you work together with other youth workers. Of course, you can then start several communities. How you want to organize the communities is up to you. You know the situation in your church best.

How will you do that?

You will meet every week (or every other week) for a time of meeting. You will eat together, share your lives and pray for each other. When and where you meet is of course up to you. Alongsiders gives you challenges that you can work on together to grow in your faith. We are there for you as a youth worker/church worker and help you where needed.

Let's go?

Have you become curious about the D-Trail? Are you already looking forward to getting started? Or maybe you have a few more questions for us? We'd love to hear from you.

Fill out the contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to making disciples together. See you soon 👋🏻

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