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Michael Frost

(author, lecturer, speaker) I have been aware of Alongsiders for many years, having first encountered their work in Phnom Penh. It’s an amazing movement that calls on us to become big sisters and brothers to vulnerable children who would otherwise walk alone through very challenging circumstances.

I’m delighted to hear that Alongsiders has now launched in Europe, where it’s desperately needed.

André Meulmeester

(senior pastor, speaker, leader, visionary) The Alongsiders Europe movement puts discipleship in action! You don’t just learn what Jesus’ said, but - together with others - put His words into action as well. This changes families, relations, schools, companies, suburbs, villages & cities.

Before you know it your world might be upside-down and changed! I am looking forward to more of this movement.

Sjanneke van de Graaf

(education generalist, mother, coach) I know Alongsiders Europe as a beautiful movement that reaches out to children in Jesus’ name through deeds & words. This is discipleship. One by one. Relationships based on love and commitment are super powerful. A new generation that invests in each other is something we desperately need in our society. As an education generalist I see a lot of brokenness in families. The strength of Alongsiders Europe is to come alongside children, to journey with them and to make them see Jesus! That makes me very enthusiastic.

Bert Noteboom

(pastor, musician, speaker) God does not change us in an instant. He takes His time to restore His image in us. Through the struggle we learn to truly follow Jesus. To be missional is great, to bring someone from ‘A’ to Christ is fantastic, but he who disciples one other person is truly faithful to Jesus’ command.

That is why I am so thankful for Alongsiders in Europe. A movement that has proven to make disciple-makers in other parts of the world is a hope for Europe where we need this desperately!

Craig Greenfield

(pirate for justice, author, speaker, founder Alongsiders International) We’re excited to see the Alongsiders movement, birthed in Asia, now spreading to Europe and beyond.

This is the upside-down Kingdom of Jesus – where those who are overlooked, lead the way. Watch out for this new wave and join us!


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