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Start a microCHALLENGE

Alongsiders works with microCHALLENGES. They are the commands of Jesus that we work with in our own lives. Super cool and super instructive because through it we grow into the image of the Master - Jesus. You watch the assignment in a video and work with it during the day or week. The microCHALLENGES may be a stepping stone to the challenges, but you can also use them on their own. And because they are videos you can easily share them with your friends. We challenge you - who do you challenge?

Grow further - together with your younger brother or sister - through the CHALLENGES

Alongsiders works with challenges. Challenges are assignments that you - together with your young brother or sister - complete. All these assignments come directly from Jesus and what He tells us in the Bible. We want to do what the Master says, right?


These challenges lay the foundation for the other challenges. They help you discover who God is, what Jesus has put away, what saying sorry has to do with it, what you can do for another and how you can grow. These challenges take about 1 month to help you discover and deepen. Of course always in a fun, challenging way. Do you dare to get started?


The BELLS series consists of five different challenges in which you bless others: Bless, Eat, Listen, Learn and Sent.

Michael Frost has discovered that when you take on these 5 challenges, you grow tremendously as a disciple and disciple-maker. Not as a nice 'theory lesson', but by consciously building them into your daily life as habits. They will help you to live as Jesus intended. Do you dare?


The Sermon on the Mount is often mentioned as one of the most famous speeches of Jesus. Jesus sits on a mountainside and many people come to Him to listen to His teaching. In this speech, Jesus sets the tone for His work and ministry. He makes it clear how things work in His Kingdom. First of all, Jesus addresses His disciples. So are we, and that is why we want to learn from these words of Jesus!

In this series of challenges you will work with subjects that Jesus addresses in the Sermon on the Mount. We want to hear together what He says about it, and as disciples who want to grow into Jesus' image, we will take up the challenge and also do what the Master says. Join us!


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