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Discipleship & Commitment

Jesus asks a lot from his followers. He asks for commitment. He sets the bar high. In this plan you will work with this theme in a few days. What does the Bible say? What does Jesus say and how can you practise this?

Discipleship & Radical Forgiveness

Forgiveness. It is an essential part of Jesus' teaching. When the disciples ask how many times they should forgive, Jesus answers: 7x70 times. Which simply means that we have to forgive again and again. Bizarre isn't it? How does this work today?

Discipleship & Radical Welcome

How do you follow Jesus' example and radically welcome others? In this plan, you will work for a few days on this theme. What does the Bible say, what does the Master - Jesus - say and how can you take concrete steps being "radically welcoming" others?

Discipleship & Servant Leadership

How do you lead? Does your leadership reflect Jesus heart? What can you learn from Biblical examples? As a disciples what does servant leadership mean? How can you practice it? If these questions resonate with you you've come to the right place: this reading plan is for you.


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