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Our reading plans help you grow

Learning from Jesus Himself. By diving into His word, looking at the examples Jesus Himself gives us. Being challenged - because what do you do with these examples? What can you do with them today?

Our reading plans help you discover what the Bible says about discipleship. We offer our plans in the YouVersion Bible app. Which reading plan will you start today?

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Discipleship & Growing in Righteousness

Jesus often talks about “righteousness & justice" in His teaching. Apparently, this is an important topic for Him, and therefore for us - His disciples. How can you grow in “righteousness" and “justice"? How can you become more like Jesus in this? This plan will help you. Enjoy!

Discipleship & Commitment

Jesus asks a lot from his followers. He asks for commitment. He sets the bar high. In this plan you will work with this theme in a few days. What does the Bible say? What does Jesus say and how can you practise this?

Discipleship & Worldwide Witness

The Church is huge. Huge and worldwide. Not only that, but the Church is of all times. Do you ever think about that? You are part of it because you are a follower - a disciple - of Jesus, right? So, how are you part of that Church - that global witness? ... This plan takes you through and helps you find answers. Enjoy!

Discipleship & Life and Death

Life & Death. You may encounter them both daily, you might even say they are a part of this life. Jesus, though, is the "prince of life": He died and rose again from the dead; He has the final word. What does that mean for you as a disciple of Jesus? What do you live for? And what would you give your life for?

Discipleship & Radical Forgiveness

Forgiveness. It is an essential part of Jesus' teaching. When the disciples ask how many times they should forgive, Jesus answers: 7x70 times. Which simply means that we have to forgive again and again. Bizarre isn't it? How does this work today?

Discipleship & Radical Welcome

How do you follow Jesus' example and radically welcome others? In this plan, you will work for a few days on this theme. What does the Bible say, what does the Master - Jesus - say and how can you take concrete steps being "radically welcoming" others?

Discipleship & Servant Leadership

How do you lead? Does your leadership reflect Jesus heart? What can you learn from Biblical examples? As a disciples what does servant leadership mean? How can you practice it? If these questions resonate with you you've come to the right place: this reading plan is for you.


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