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The people behind Alongsiders Europe

Alongsiders is world wide movement with thousands of youth each walking alongside a younger brother or sister. The local movements are locally lead and supported by the international team

Where Alongsiders previously only worked in the developing world, this movement now spreads to the western world. An exciting new phase. In the Netherlands, we are working with a growing team to facilitate this movement. Below we introduce ourselves.

There is also a role for you within Alongsiders Europe. We have several options to serve within the Alongsiders movement. Go to 'Serve with us' and check out the possibilities.


(Regional Coordinator) After a professional career in the petrochemical industry, Mart-Jan lived with his family in South-East Asia for 6 years with the desire to disciple and make Christ known. Coming to know Alongsiders firsthand in Cambodia (and managing building a campsite there) he now leads the Alongsiders movement in Europe. Having seen the results in Asia his dream now is to see youth in Europe take up the task of discipleship as well. Mart-Jan is husband to Talitha and father to 3 children. He loves to pioneer new initiatives, play guitar and enjoy nature.


(Development Coordinator) Trained as a nurse and with a caring heart for people, Talitha moved (together with Mart-Jan) to Cambodia to serve and disciple. After seeing the Alongsiders model for discipleship in Cambodia she now longs to see that happen in Europe as well. She is moved by the care that each Alongsider has for one child: struggling together - celebrating together. She's passionate about helping the movement grow in Europe. Talitha is wife to Mart-Jan and mother to 3 children. She loves to read, enjoy nature and sing.

Michael Frost

(author, lecturer, speaker) I have been aware of Alongsiders for many years, having first encountered their work in Phnom Penh. It’s an amazing movement that calls on us to become big sisters and brothers to vulnerable children who would otherwise walk alone through very challenging circumstances. I’m delighted to hear that Alongsiders has now launched in Europe, where it’s desperately needed.


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