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Check out these tools. We've made these for you to help you in your Alongsiders journey, and take the next step. Wether that is a reading plan or a challenge - we've got you covered.


The Alongsiders app means Alongsiders in your pocket. The monthly training, the challenges, your group of 5, you'll find it all there: the app is for you. Nice and interactive. If you have any questions or comments, just ask them in the app. A cool selfie of you and your younger brother or sister? Also fun to post!

The app is there for every Alongsider!

You can find the app at Apple & Android, and you can easily download it in the Appstore or Playstore. The registration process is self-explanatory. Of course, you must first have followed the online training and registered as an Alongsider.

See you in the app!


Alongsiders works with challenges. They are Jesus' assignments that we work with in our own lives. Super cool and super instructive because we grow in the image of the Master - Jesus. Challenges last about 1 month, the goal is to go deep.

microCHALLENGES are different. Just like the challenges they are directly related to the assignments Jesus gives His disciples, but they are a lot smaller. It is an assignment that you watch in a video and work on during the day or week. No training, no registration, just immediate action.

MicroCHALLENGES are a great step towards the big challenges, but you can also use them on their own. And because they are video based, you can easily share them with your friends. We challenge you - and who do you challenge?


Alongsiders (Europe) works with challenges. Challenges are assignments that you - together with your young brother or sister - carry out. All these assignments come directly from Jesus and what He tells us in the Bible. We want to do what the Master says, right?

The challenges are divided into several series. Each challenge lasts about a month and consists of challenging assignments, reflections, instructions, videos, Bible texts and more.

We take you along behind the Lord Jesus, so that together we can follow Him and learn from Him. Will you join us? These challenges have been developed especially for Alongsiders. They do not have to pay for these challenges. Are you not yet a Alongsider but would you like to join? Do the online training or contact us.


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