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We are looking for partners & ambassadors who help make our dream come true

We dream that no child is alone, but each child has an Alongsider.

We dream that through these Alongsiders every child will experience the unconditional love of Jesus. We dream they embrace the Gospel and choose to live for the Lord Jesus. We dream that these children will in turn also reach out as an Alongsider to a younger brother or sister.

We dream of a generation of young people who take Jesus’ mission seriously and are committed to it.

A generation that reaches out to the next. A generation that hears Jesus’ words and does them thus putting into practice what the Lord Jesus taught and lived before.

We dream of a church that actively reaches out to the world around it.

A church that is aware God has chosen it to share the good news. A church that makes disciples.

This is our dream. Will you dream with us and help us to make our dream come true?

We have prepared a brochure especially for partners

We don’t DREAM alone

With both feet on the ground, we are committed to making this dream come true. We mobilize young people and make them aware of the mission Jesus gave - to make disciples.

We equip young people who embrace the vision and want to get started. We train and help them discover how Jesus made disciples, and how we can follow His example. Once we get started, we regularly meet as the Alongsiders family, celebrating what the Lord Jesus is doing through us. We learn together, share a meal and celebrate His goodness in a relaxed setting.

We don’t dream ALONE

We need partners who help make this dream come true. Partners who pray, think along, collaborate, and make finances available. As an African proverb says: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We want to go far.

We had a great start in 2020 and we are already seeing the fruits appear. Read the stories in this brochure yourself - an Alongsider makes all the difference!

In the Netherlands we have started several groups of Alongsiders and young people each chose a younger brother or sister. They now visit them faithfully. The relationship is growing and the first sounds are encouraging. We are thankful to see Alongsiders moving towards other European countries as well, eg. Albania and Russia. In Cambodia we have seen that it works, and it works in the Netherlands too. That is not surprising, because it is actually very simple. It is exactly what Jesus himself did.

Years ago someone said to me:

“Blessed is he who finds out which way God is moving and then starts going in the same direction.”

We are looking for partners who want to move along on this wave of His guidance.

Will you dream and participate with us?
Read the Alongsiders Europe Partner Brochure and contact me.

Mart-Jan van der Maas
Regional coördinator Alongsiders Europe

"Blessed is he who finds out which way God is moving and then starts going in the same direction"

Some of the partners we work with:


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