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Alongsiders Europe is growing and there are several exciting options to serve. If God is calling you to be part of this movement among youth and vulnerable children in Europe, please go ahead and contact us for more information.

Mobiliser for Holland

If you know how to 'rally' people, if you know how to cast vision, if you're able to connect with youth, make them exited and mobilise them for a greater 'cause' than themselves, you might have found your place to serve! We're looking for someone to help Alongsiders grow in Holland. To connect to churches, pastors, youth (groups) help them become Alongsiders. Follow-up with them and help them follow Jesus. The stakes are high - but this is what we are called to do.

Get in contact with us and let's explore how the Lord is leading us.

Challenge coordinator

We follow Jesus by doing - imitating - what Jesus Himself did and commanded. So we created 'challenges'. Challenges are things we 'do' to reinforce learning, to help youth and children actually follow Jesus, to get our hands and feet dirty and take up His commands.

You know systems - you are organised - you love automation and programming, but you are also very much relational and looking for the connection between automation and 'real-life'. If that is you, we’re looking for someone like you!

Event Manager Holland

Events are a very important part of Alongsiders Europe. Events are where we gather as family, where we share our testimonies, where we eat, where we are family. We're looking for someone to organise these events.

Are you highly organised, super excited about Alongsiders? Are you passionate about youth and children? Are you on fire for Jesus and His great commission to disciple the nations? If that is you: let's meet. Let's explore whether and how the Lord purposed us to serve together in the movement. See you soon!

Social Media expert

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest - you know how to make social media work? You know how to engage with youth online? You know the do's and don'ts? You are passionate to get the word out, to make sure people are in the loop? You're following the trends and know where to connect to youth and children? You have a passion for Jesus, discipleship, youth and children?

If this is you: we are looking for you! Let's get in contact and get to know each other a bit more to see how the Lord leads us in this.

Your application starts here

Thank you for showing interest in serving with Alongsiders Europe! During the application process it is our desire to get to know each other better and so see how God leads. Let's start with the first step by filling in the application form below.

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Your application is sent to Alongsiders Europe. We will be in contact with you soon.

Michael Frost

(author, lecturer, speaker) I have been aware of Alongsiders for many years, having first encountered their work in Phnom Penh. It’s an amazing movement that calls on us to become big sisters and brothers to vulnerable children who would otherwise walk alone through very challenging circumstances. I’m delighted to hear that Alongsiders has now launched in Europe, where it’s desperately needed.


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