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Rianne & Maris (testimonial)

BIBLE - Meet Alongsider Rianne and her younger sister!

Rianne and Maris know each other through the Overstag Sports Community in Lewenburg, Groningen. Every summer holiday they hold a sports week. During that week Maris came along with a friend to play football. At one point, Maris had to step aside; her ankle hurt. Rianne went over to chat with her and finally she was allowed to pray for her and her ankle. During that prayer Maris' ankle became completely pain-free! That is where the special bond between these two girls started. Maris kept coming back to the weekly sports events of Overstag. Rianne was regularly allowed to pray for her ankle.

When Rianne participated in the prayer 40-day of Next Move last spring she prayed for Maris. This gave her an increasing desire to introduce Maris to Jesus. At one point she simply asked her: 'Do you want to read the Bible together? Since then, Rianne visits Maris at home every week to explore the Bible together. Because of this Rianne notices that a sisterly bond really develops between them. She even feels like a sixth family member in Maris' family. I am a bit of a family pastor," she jokes. How cool that giving time and space can be such a blessing!

(All Alongsider-Stories are posted with permission of the Alongsider and younger sibling).


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