Commitment 4 - I protect my younger brother or sister

I promise...

... never use violence against my younger brother/sister and I promise to protect him/her from violence.

... protect my younger brother/sister from sexual abuse and promise to report any abuse immediately.

The principle of protecting means that you take the responsibility to care for and stand up for the person you are responsible for. You stand up for your younger brother/sister when he/she is in trouble. And you warn him/her of anything that could hurt or damage him/her. 
This commitment requires you to protect your younger brother/sister from different forms and degrees of danger:

Physical violence: watch your younger brother or sister and do not tolerate any form of physical violence. It is important to teach your younger brother or sister to stand up for themselves. But if the violence is severe, then it is important that you stand up for your younger brother or sister and that you report this physical violence immediately to your group of 5 Alongsiders.

Emotional violence: Protect your younger brother or sister from all kinds of negative verbal communication. In the face of all this negativity, you can be a positive voice. You help your younger brother or sister to look at themselves through the eyes of Jesus and to feel appreciated and accepted. This has a link to the commitment of encouraging. You give your younger brother or sister the confirmation that he or she may be there.

Bullying behaviour: listen to how your younger brother or sister is treated at home, at school and in other places. At any sign of bullying, help your younger brother or sister to stop the bullying in that immediate environment. Sometimes it may be necessary to speak to your younger brother or sister's parents/carers or teachers.

Wrong influences: Know what your younger brother or sister is doing, what environment he or she is in and who he or she is dealing with. You can think of the wrong influences of people, but also of films and games, etc.

Sexual abuse: You are alert to signals from your younger brother or sister that he or she is being/is being sexually abused. Sexual abuse must be reported immediately. We work with vulnerable children and teenagers and want to protect them at all costs from this form of abuse.

I take care ...

... I want to be not only mentally but also physically healthy and encourage my younger brother/sister to do the same.

You spend much of your time with your younger brother or sister and are a direct example to them. This means that for you as an Alongsider, it is extremely important that you take good care of yourself.
Make sure you are spiritually healthy. Choose to walk with Jesus every day. Break with sin in your life. Spend time with your Heavenly Father. Know and live out that you depend on Jesus in everything. You are not perfect, but it is through your weakness that God wants to work when you surrender yourself completely to Him.

Make sure that you are physically healthy as far as that lies in your power. Take care of your own body by paying attention to sufficient sleep, exercise, good food and healthy forms of relaxation.

... that in the time we go through together we do not just withdraw, but are always with others so that others can see us.

You are visible and transparent in the relationship with your younger brother or sister to others.

I am ...

... fully responsible and accountable for what I do with my younger brother/sister. 

The parents/carers of my younger brother/sister and also the pastor(s)/leader(s) in the church I belong to can call me to account for the way I interact with my younger brother/sister.
This also means that as a Alongsider you must be careful in your communication. It is important that you communicate confidentially:
  • You are honest & clear with your younger brother or sister.
  • You create a bond of trust with your younger brother or sister.
  • You only share sensitive information in order to help your younger brother or sister.


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