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Mastery - one of our values

Key verse

1 Corinthians 11:1, Be imitators of me, as I am imitators of Christ.

Live like me! For I live like Christ.

What is Mastery?

Mastery means mastering a quality or skill. Mastery is achieved by growing/developing in a particular quality or skill. In mastery there is craftsmanship. You are able to make something beautiful and to do a good job.

How do we see this in Jesus?

In Jesus, we see Mastery in the way He deals with different kinds of people. In His teaching, relationships and servant leadership. Through Jesus' teaching, we get to know the will of the Father. In Jesus' teaching lies divine wisdom. The wisdom of God is only revealed powerfully when Jesus puts this knowledge into practice in everyday life. Jesus is not only Master in the sense of how we relate to Him, but He is also Master in the way He interacts with His disciples.

We see Him active in large groups as in the feeding of the 5000, but also in small groups as in the relationship with the twelve disciples. He travelled intensely with these men for three years. In this group of 12, we see Jesus especially with Peter, John and James. In relationship with 3 friends. And throughout the gospels we see Jesus investing in one-on-one relationships dozens of times. Here we see Jesus always leading in service. Humbling himself in order to elevate the other. To help the other grow in discipleship by teaching them to serve the other.

What does this mean for the Alongsiders movement?

This means that we focus on becoming better and better at making disciples. We work on becoming like the Master - Jesus. We want to become more and more like Him. The Alongsider movement is a great place to learn new things. We want to give you as an Alongsider every opportunity to grow, so that you learn to teach by example in your everyday life, by working relationally and leading by service.
The Alongsider movement provides you with the tools and support to help you grow in mastery. Growing and learning is done in practice, together with your young brother or sister, and of course at your own pace and according to your own possibilities.

What does this mean for you as a Alongsider?

If you want to teach your younger brother or sister to follow Jesus in daily life, this means for you as an Alongsider that discipleship must be (or become) part of your daily life. It means that in the group of 5 you encourage each other to 'become like the Master', and thus grow in the qualities and skills that you can use in your relationship with your younger brother or sister. This can be in different areas for each of you. Each of you brings a valuable piece of life experience. You learn with and from each other. So that in your lives a 'culture of discipleship' arises that will be visible in your environment.

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(written by Daniƫl Vaders)


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