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We all need wisdom. Sometimes we simply don’t know what to do and get stuck. I assume you have people that you can go to in case that happens. Jesus had the same, and it was not so much about Him not knowing what to do, but He wanted to stay tuned to His Father’s will. You often read about Jesus retreating into a quiet place and spending time with His Father. The wisdom of Jesus is different than the wisdom of the world.

What wisdom do you have? Where do you ‘get’ your wisdom from?

In this microCHALLENGE we challenge you to be a channel of God’s wisdom. The point mainly is to be aware of where you get your wisdom from. Today, try to - if you receive a question or hear of a situation - be tuned on Jesus and ask Him “what is Your plan in this?”. What is your wisdom for this? What-would-Jesus-do is such a reminder, and try to apply that today. Do that for yourself, but also to help others around you.

Challenge accepted?


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