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Violence & Peace


Often peace is hard to find. Think of area’s of war, the survival of the fittest. The news is full of it, and if you don’t guard your heart it can easily paralyze you. But it can be a lot closer to home too. Maybe your home itself is full of anger and quarrel, or your very ons heart always wants more, better, different. It makes your feel tired and heavy hearted.

Jesus shows us what peace really is. When He talks about it He uses the word SHALOM. SHALOM is not the the absence of conflict, but it is the presence of Jesus Himself. He is the Prince of Peace and He wants to come close to you, in you. He is SHALOM.

Do you experience the SHALOM that Jesus wants to give to you?

In this microCHALLENGE we challenge you to be a person of peace - a person of SHALOM. A person that embodies the SHALOM of Jesus both in what you are and what comes out. Let’s make this more practical.

Grab a notice book and write down these two questions:

  1. Where do I see violence and conflict in my actions, words and thoughts, and where do I see the SHALOM of Jesus being present and at work?
  2. Where do I see situations around me where I can be a person of peace through my words and what I do. Where can I bring Jesus’ SHALOM?

This week take 15 minutes every day to think about these questions, to pray over them, to listen and to write down what Jesus brings to your mind. What words of yours are harsh, what thoughts are violent, what actions don’t fit your Master - Jesus. Write it down and ask Jesus to fill you with His SHALOM.

Challenge accepted?


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