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Upside down Kingdom


In Jesus Kingdom things are completely different than they are in the world around us. Jesus talks about the rich being poor, the lowly being important. The other way around. Up-side-down. Often this goes against our thinking. In Jesus time this often caused strange reaction and “that is how I imagine it” odd looking faces.

How do you live this up-side-down Kingdom?

In this microCHALLENGE we challenge you to do something today that makes someone else stand perplexed, makes them wonder, an up-side-down experience. Off course we mean this in a cool, positive way. Sing a song, perform a poem, order two cappuccino’s and give one away, make a dance. Give someone a big fat compliment - you name it.

Surprise the other person, do something un-common. Make the world experience something of Jesus kingdom that is completely up-side-down.

Challenge accepted?


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