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Servant Leadership


Jesus gives all of us in a place in this world. And from that place we can exercise influence, power. If you look around you you’ll see how the world often uses that power. Some people use their power and influence to benefit themselves and climb the economic ladder even faster.

Jesus however is different. As a leader you are given the opportunity to serve someone else. Jesus tells us that the ‘highest’ - the most important person - should be as one who serves. And Jesus Himself gave the example when He picked up the towel and washed the dusty feet of His followers - the 12 disciples.

Wow what an example.

In this microCHALLENGE we aim to do the same. You’re free to wash someone else’s feet too, or just come up with something else. Look for an opportunity today to serve someone else. Freely. As a surprise. Out of free will. You don’t have to - of course not - but you may. It’s an opportunity and by doing so you look like your Master Jesus.

Challenge accepted?


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