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Radical Sacrifice


Jesus lived in a sacrificial way. He didn’t live for Himself - rather for those around Him. Jesus lived to honor His Father. Jesus lived for people around Him and gave them His attention. He looked at people with compassion. He saw the needs and helped. He joined people with pain and cried with them. Jesus lived in a very sacrificial way.

How is that in your life?

In this microCHALLENGE we challenge you to have the same attitude as Jesus had - sacrificial. To practice in that, to step out. To live in a radical sacrificial way. And that is different for every person of course. Pause, think and ask Jesus where He wants you to step in in a sacrificial way. What is a situation, a person, a relation where you can help? We encourage you to specifically look for something that involves sacrifice - how much are you willing to give, to expose yourself?Often the area’s were you step out are also the area’s where growth will happen. So, sacrifice. - just like Jesus did. And growth - into the image of your Master - Jesus.

Challenge accepted?


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