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Radical Forgiveness


Can you imagine forgiving someone who betrayed you? Can you imagine forgiving someone who completely let you down? Someone you thought was a friend, someone who you thought would support en help you? But no - that person failed you in a bad way.

Jesus thought His disciples - and that is also you and me - that we should forgive. It is a essential part of Jesus teaching on prayer, and when the disciples ask how often they should forgive Jesus teaches that that it should be 7x70 times, it equals 490 times and simply stands for every time - all the time. That is crazy isn’t it?

Forgiving seems of huge importance to Jesus, and maybe that is no surprise. Jesus came to this earth to bring about forgiveness. He wanted to reconcile us to God - He created a way so that we could live in relation with Him again. So He is in the ‘business’ of forgiving - in a very radical way, it costed Him His life.

Where do you have to forgive?

In this microCHALLENGE we challenge you to pause and think about forgiveness. Is there something between you and someone else? Pause and listen to your Master - Jesus. Maybe there is a name that pop’s up immediately, maybe not. But simply ask Jesus to bring a person or situation to your mind. And if a situation or person comes to mind take action - take the step to forgive, to find a solution if possible. Jesus aim for us is to live in freedom and forgiving is a vital part of it.

Challenge accepted?


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