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Hope in Suffering


This world is full of problems. That is not pessimistic - that is realistic. You only have to look around you and it’s obvious. The question is “what do you do in the midst of it?” Jesus was a giver of hope to the people around him. It was the way He spoke. It is what He did. A gentle touch. Attention. There is a 1000-and-1 ways that Jesus is a source of hope. No wonder that many people without hope followed Jesus.

Are you a bringer of hope too?

In this microCHALLENGE we challenge you to bring hope. Just like your Master Jesus did. And the possibilities are endless of course. Give some time and attention. Deliver some flowers. Play soccer with a boy you know who is a bit lonely. Do something for someone. Visit a hospital or a prison and go for that person who does not have visitors. Jesus had special attention to those who were in pain and hurting, we challenge you to do the same. Invest 15 minutes today in someone who is lonely and be that bringer of hope.

Challenge accepted?


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