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Freedom & Justice


Worldwide about 10 million people are imprisoned. Amnesty International tells us so. These are mostly people that are imprisoned for something they did.

The group of people that have lost their freedom for no real reason however is far bigger. People trapped in poverty, people kidnapped, people that are sold as sex-workers, people that have to work very hard every day in labour camps because of their faith in Jesus, children trapped in domestic violence. You can come up with a few more. Their is so much bondage and injustice.

When Jesus started His ministry on earth He made a statement. He came to set prisoners free, He came to give blind people sight, healing for the brokenhearted, and good news for the poor. Do you notice the words free, sight, healing, good news? This is message of freedom and justice.

What place does freedom and justice have in your life?

In this microCHALLENGE we challenge you to give more room to freedom and justice in your life. So, this week seek for 1 specific opportunity to be a bringer of good news to the poor, to bring healing to those with a broken heart, to set prisoners free (maybe not in a literal way with helicopter rescue missions and so on), give people sight and vision, to set people free. Think simple - food distribution, refugee center, prison, or a project in your church. You can only do this is Jesus name and by His power.

Be a bringer of freedom and justice this week in Jesus name.

Challenge accepted?


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