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We're very excited about The Chosen, and we suspect you are too. It's a very interesting series. As Alongsiders, we want to create material that helps you and your youth group to go further, to apply the lessons of The Chosen, to get to know Jesus better. We're creating this material to help you - and so we want to know if it helps you, hence this invitation.

What is the invitation?
And what's the question?

Would you like to watch an episode with your kids and give us some feedback?

Actually, it's quite simple. Just organize the meeting as planned, but at the end, you, the person in charge, go through a short questionnaire (4-5 min) and ask the participants to fill in a short questionnaire too (3-4 min). The questionnaires are digital. Below you'll find links you can easily share for this purpose.

Would you like to help us?
Would you like to take part?


With your feedback, we will make the materials even better. Everything you need can be found here. Download the pilot flyer via the button below. It gives you direct links to the questionnaires.

So how do you approach such a meeting? Check - we've thought about it. Download the outline for the meeting via the button below.

Request your group discussion guide using the form below.

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We have received your request and will be in touch soon.

Questionnaire for participants/youth

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Questionnaire for group leaders

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